Say hello to our team! 

We’re an enthusiastic team of dedicated people inspired by the mission of Guitars Over Guns and motivated to change the world. 


Chad Bernstein
Chad Bernstein Co-Founder / CEO
Jono De Leon
Jono De Leon Chief Operating Officer
Andrew DeMuro
Andrew DeMuro Regional Director, Chicago
Walker Moseley
Walker Moseley Regional Director, Miami
Carly Gordon
Carly Gordon Special Assistant to the President/CEO
Tiffany Cannava
Tiffany Cannava Director of Advancement & Donor Impact
Marte Siebenhar
Marte Siebenhar Fundraising Consultant
Adriana Oliva
Adriana Oliva Director of Communications
Sasha Aaronson, MSW
Sasha Aaronson, MSW M-Power Supervisor & Mental Health Consultant
Natasha Santana-Viera, LMSW
Natasha Santana-Viera, LMSW M-Power Mental Health Program Director
Andre “Add 2” Daniels
Andre “Add 2” Daniels Haven Studio Director
Antonio Monty Shelton
Antonio Monty Shelton Music Solutions Lab Studio Director
Dennis Thompson
Dennis Thompson Mixed Media Specialist
Desiree Bannister
Desiree Bannister Program Manager
Phil Jacobson
Phil Jacobson Community Partnerships Coordinator
Marisol “Pinqy Ring” Vélez
Marisol “Pinqy Ring” Vélez R.I.S.E. Program Coordinator, Chicago
Calli Scofidio
Calli Scofidio R.I.S.E. Program Coordinator, Miami
Larry Cohen
Larry Cohen Accountant
Isaiah Garner
Isaiah Garner Programs Associate, Chicago
Caleb Alcime
Caleb Alcime Programs Associate, Miami