Guitars Over Guns Board of Directors 

Bob Bernstein – Chairman & Treasurer
Sr. Managing Partner – Envestnet Retirement Solutions (ret.)
CEO/Founder – Prism Partners LLC (ret.)
Bob is an accomplished investment advisor in Chicago and has served as the Board’s Chairman since inception. As Chad’s father and mentor, Bob helped Chad turn his passion for service through music into a true channel for social impact as a co-founder of Guitars Over Guns.

Chad Bernstein – President & CEO
Dr. Chad Bernstein is a celebrated musician and the founder of Guitars Over Guns. The organization is built out of his vision that music provides the bridge toward creating the relationships that are necessary to empower youth living in challenging circumstances. Chad has dedicated his life to the pursuit of unlocking potential in at-risk youth through mentorship and the arts.

Shed Boren
Professor, Florida International University
Shed Boren, L.C.S.W, Ph.D. is a social worker recognized for his advocacy. He has worked for, and on behalf of, vulnerable populations for more than 30 years, with a focus on those living with HIV/AIDS, chronic diseases, mental health challenges and in poverty. Shed is a highly accomplished executive leader with extensive experience managing and developing complex healthcare systems with Mercy Hospital and Camillus House.

Jeff Diermeier
Chief Investment Officer, UBS Global Asset Management (ret.)
Jeff retired from the world of finance as a global chief investment officer at UBS Global Asset Management and serves as the chairman of the Financial Accounting Foundation. Coming from very modest beginnings, Jeff believes that those who are willing to enable themselves and work hard are deserving of the tools they need to do so and is committed to providing the opportunity to obtain an education for those most in-need.

Scott Jacobson – Governance & Compliance Committee Chair
Director, Institutional Retirement / Sales Manager (Central Region), Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Scott is a CPA with a Law degree, currently at Bank of America managing retirement in sales and was previously at Merrill Lynch. Scott is also an elected official (commissioner) of Buffalo Grove and has been an avid fundraiser for the Parks, the Jewish community, and United Way.

Carolina García Jayaram
Executive Director, Elevate Prize

J. Gerard Legagneur
Managing Member, GL Esquire Consulting

Jacquie O’Malley
Assistant Vice President, Baptist Health Foundation

Gabriel Pierre
Guitars Over Guns Alumnus

Chad Turner
President, Turner Investment Management
Chad formerly served as a financial advisor for Wells Fargo Advisors in Miami and the former President of Friends of New World Symphony – one of the premier young professional groups in Miami. He brought the group to 500 members raising $500,000 annually. He has come on as an advisor to help establish RISE Miami as a more impactful fundraising and community engagement machine.

Dave Walsh – Development Committee Chair
Managing Director, FON Capital
Founding Partner, SVP Miami

H Jordan Weitz – Finance Committee Chair
Director, Risk Advisory & Assurance Services, Carnival Corporation
H manages a forensic accounting team for Carnival Cruise Lines and manages a three-generation family foundation. He is very well connected in the young philanthropic community in Miami and recently sat on the board of the Overtown Music Project.

Randall Weston
VP of Human Resources, Oracle (ret.)
Rand has a long history of Human Resources, specifically in the tech world, and spent the majority of his career at Oracle. Rand has a passion for empowering the poorest and most at-risk young people in our country’s most challenged communities.

Thomas Vandenberk – Human Assets Committee Chair
Founder, G-PAC
Tom suffered the loss of his 15 year old son to gun violence in 1992 and has been one of the most dedicated and effective leaders in strategizing against gun-related death, disability and suffering. Tom is the former CEO of UCAN Acadamy, one of the largest trauma treatment organizations in the Chicago region and a partner organization of Guitars Over Guns. Tom is involved in many political and public organizations that are dealing with youth violence and legislature surrounding gun violence in Chicago.