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High School Programs Manager (Chicago)

Mentor (Rolling Application – Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles)

High School Programs Manager (Chicago)

The High School Programs Manager (HSPM) will provide support, organization, and coaching to three high school-based programs in Chicago, ensure consistent site leadership and programmatic implementation, and maintain meaningful partnerships with After School Matters (ASM), as well as Guitars Over Guns mentors.

The HSPM will observe, coach and evaluate Guitars Over Guns programs using the Hello Insight (HI) survey & reflection tools to measure quality and identify mentor training needs.

Key Responsibilities

1. Coach Site Coordinators and Mentors teaching in high school-based sites (W, S, SW) on daily session administrative tasks. These include but are not limited to: contact creation, enrollment management, managing payroll and consistent reporting in Salesforce for high school sites.

2. Ensure  smooth session operations among high school program sites. Recurring tasks include but are not limited to: help teams establish opening and closing circles, lesson plan development structure, team-based communication plans and collaborative planning time. Host site visits with external partners throughout the year. Provide program-related announcements to teams.

3. Establish and maintain high school program partnerships. RecurrinThis includes, but is not limited to: managing partnership with After School Matters N/NW and S/SW Program Specialists and relevant school personnel, ensuring coordinated program recruitment and interview processes, managing tasks in City Span, and connecting mentors with relevant members of the community.

Desired Qualities

Students-first mindset

Knowledgeable about the systemic barriers facing youth from disadvantaged communities 

Growth mindset and desire to develop capacity as a coach

Consistently display solutions-oriented approach

Ability to productively communicate, both verbally and in writing, with multiple stakeholders

Comfortable navigating tech based project management systems (Google Drive, Salesforce, etc.)

Role Expectations

1. Attend one program session per day, Monday through Thursday, during session times

2. Complete daily observation form after attending session

3. Participate in weekly Programming Leadership team meetings to report updates and co-create action plans for continuous improvement

4. Create a structure for supporting and leading bi-monthly collaborative planning meetings with Site Coordinators & In-School Coordinators

5. Manage the planning and execution of all ASM/high school summer programs


Competitive salary based on professional qualifications and prior mission-aligned experience

Benefits include: Health insurance at no additional cost; 401(k) with 3% employer match (eligible after 6 months of employment); Paid Time Off (PTO) structure as well as 15 federal & cultural holidays off per year; parental, medical, and bereavement leave; Hybrid in-person and remote workplace

Application Instructions

To apply: Send Andrew an email ( with your resume and a cover letter (email body is fine) that explicitly touches on the following three questions:

1. Describe a time when you had multiple tasks or projects on your plate at once. What were your strategies to ensure all responsibilities and expectations were met with fidelity?

2. Recall a time when you provided feedback, or received feedback, that led to effective change at your program site. What were the specific elements that caused the positive change?

3. Choose one of the “desired qualities” from the role description above. Create a definition for excellence related to that quality, and describe specifically the ways you connect with that definition.

Mentor (Rolling Application)

Our mentors come from different walks of life and artistic paths, all connected by their love for the arts and a passion to pay it forward. They are Guitars Over Guns’ heart and soul, implementing and customizing our comprehensive curriculum that uses arts-based mentoring as a powerful intervention tool for young people.

GOGO Mentors are professional musicians and performing artists who bring a high caliber of artistic expertise to the classroom. They are excited about serving their community, passionate about introducing youth to the power of music and the arts, and committed to being a steadfast, guiding presence in the lives of our students. The Mentor role is a year-long position, and mentors will be assigned a school site within our partner school districts. Each school site meets twice per week during after-school hours. Additional hours may include special activities, such as field trips.

We accept mentor applications year-round on a rolling basis in all three of our regions of operation (Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles). Applicants will be notified when they are being considered for an opening.

Job Description

☑ Mentor must have the ability to perform and teach at least one of the following: piano, vocals, drums, guitar, bass, rap, creative writing, spoken word, songwriting, music production, or visual art.

☑ Serve as a role model for students in the musical craft of their choice, which includes learning techniques as well as stage presence and performance.

☑ Implement Guitars Over Guns’ provided Social Emotional Learning (SEL) activities, strategies, techniques, and tools.

☑ Manage a classroom of students with a team to align with programmatic and student goals.

☑ Create lesson plans to guide students and teammates through the day. This can include bringing materials for student learning.

☑ Maintain a program structure that supports student learning and shares power with students.

☑ Communicate with students as an advocate and ally, depending on the specific goals and objectives negotiated with the mentee.

Roles & Responsibilities

Application Instructions

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