Sloan Bruan Lorenzini — Mental Health Program Director

Sloan Bruan Lorenzini earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Adelphi University, and acquired a master’s degree of clinical social work from Barry University. Furthermore, Sloan is advancing her education as she is currently pending admission to acquire a Ph.D. in social work. She has over 20 years of experience as a life coach, and over a decade as a managing director of a financial firm.  

Sloan currently has a private practice and provides community mental health services. Her area of specialty is serving traumatized and disenfranchised populations. Her therapeutic experience spans multiple client profiles and settings. This includes adolescents involved with the criminal justice system, the economically burdened, special needs families, and those challenged by substance use difficulties. Sloan is trauma-informed certified, is a state-registered intern and has passed her state clinical exam for state licensure. She has lived in Key Biscayne, Florida for the past 14 years with her husband and daughter.