Sarah Stephens — Voice

My name is Sarah Stephens but I’m also known as SJ or Sarah Jean. I was born is colorful Colorado, traveled a bit and have called Miami home for five years. I’ve been passionate about music since I first found rhythm as a toddler. I’ve been singing since I could talk and never wanted to stop.

Although I studied vocal performance formally for over 10 years, my formal education is in Cultural Anthropology. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado and ever since have loved visiting cities around the world, finally ending up in Miami. I was fortunate enough growing up to have music classes both in school and outside of the classroom. I’m proud to share music with children in Miami schools. The best part about the gift of music is that it is meant to be shared, and sharing builds community.

I’ve had many amazing opportunities in life, including working with children in Brazil, Colorado and Miami. I’m currently a singer and songwriter for myself as well as for a band in the Miami area. I love to create and share stories with others through music and to watch what happens when people connect. As long as there is something left to say, there’s a song to sing.