Current Programs 


  • Music Mentorship: Creating leaders through a comprehensive regiment of mentorship, music instruction and performance opportunities.
  • Voices of Tomorrow: A modern take on traditional choir with a focus on learning through songs that our youth are listening to today. 

  • Hand Drumming: Performance-based percussion ensembles that focus on uniformity, structure, discipline, and engaged learning of many rhythmic styles. 

  • The Art of Hip Hop: Unlocking the voices of our youth through a modern medium based in poetic lyricism with a large focus on writing and personal expression. 

  • Creative Expressions: Visual Art program focused on engaging youth through drawing and painting. Often these projects coincide with school administrations’ priorities for school improvement projects. Consequently, student expressions may simultaneously beautify a school building. 

  • Dance: Evolution in reverse by studying contemporary dance styles and how they emanate from African dance and drums.
  • Music Solutions Lab: Pairing technology and creativity to teach digital music production.