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click here Since 2008, Guitars Over Guns Organization (GOGO) has used arts-based mentoring to positively impact over youth through after school and outreach programs. Our unique approach uses art and music as a bridge to attract and empower students, creating meaningful mentoring relationships to create and support student success in and out of the classroom.

GOGO’s unique curriculum emphasizes social-emotional learning and outcomes through music and art instruction. After each session, mentors assess students’ academic performance, school and program attendance, artistic progress, and peer interactions. GOGO uses social-emotional learning measurements to evaluate key competencies such as empathy, teamwork, initiative, responsibility and problem solving.

Recent evaluations indicate that over 90% of GOGO after school students improve academic performance, overall conduct, and decision-making skills. These measurements are byproducts of a greater shift that is occurring in the way these young people are thinking about the world and their place in it.