Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors come from different walks of life and artistic paths, all connected by their love for the arts and a passion to pay it forward.

They are Guitars Over Guns’ heart and soul, implementing and customizing our comprehensive curriculum that uses arts-based mentoring as a powerful intervention tool for young people.

Interested in joining our mentor team? Please contact our leadership below for more information:

Sarah Stephens
Programs Manager, Miami

Phil Jacobson
Community Partnerships Coordinator, Chicago

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“Starve” Marve Afolayan
“Starve” Marve Afolayan Production
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson Guitar
Rachel Angel
Rachel Angel Guitar
Inez Barlatier
Inez Barlatier Guitar & Vocals
Bryce Bottomly
Bryce Bottomly Guitar
Janelle “Oliv Blu” Butler
Janelle “Oliv Blu” Butler Vocals & Dance
Kenneth Clair
Kenneth Clair Production
Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole Guitar & Music Therapist
“Ron Don” Dalrymple
“Ron Don” Dalrymple Drums & Production
Andre “Add 2” Daniels
Andre “Add 2” Daniels Director, Haven Studio
Alejandro Elizondo
Alejandro Elizondo Guitar & Keys
Sofy Encanto
Sofy Encanto Vocals
Juner Etienne
Juner Etienne Keys
Zaria “Zeeniith” Evans
Zaria “Zeeniith” Evans Poetry & Creative Writing
Corinne Francilus
Corinne Francilus Rap
Stephanie Fravel
Stephanie Fravel Vocals
Jeremiah Fristoe
Jeremiah Fristoe Rap & Production
Joaquin Garcia
Joaquin Garcia Drums & Keys
Justine Garcia
Justine Garcia Vocals
Gene Paul Gayol
Gene Paul Gayol Director, Alumni Band & Camillus House Hope Choir
Sean “Birdman” Gould
Sean “Birdman” Gould Guitar
Jalisa Faye Graham
Jalisa Faye Graham Vocals
Susie Green
Susie Green Production
David Gueringer
David Gueringer Keys & Production
Richard Hargett
Richard Hargett Drums
Danny Hayoun
Danny Hayoun Guitar
Derek Henderson
Derek Henderson Drums
J Howard
J Howard Production & Drums
Phil Jacobson
Phil Jacobson Guitar
Tim Jago
Tim Jago Guitar
Shawnnette “RIMIDI” Longley
Shawnnette “RIMIDI” Longley Vocals
Tif “Boom” Lusan
Tif “Boom” Lusan Rap & Poetry
Shasta “Klevah” Matthews
Shasta “Klevah” Matthews Rap
Ryan Mayer
Ryan Mayer Guitar & Drums
Leo “DaVincci” Mayorga
Leo “DaVincci” Mayorga Rap
Diego Melgar
Diego Melgar Guitar
Johann C. Muñoz
Johann C. Muñoz Visual Art
Nabedi Osorio
Nabedi Osorio Drums
Dominic “I.B. Fokuz” Pettis EL
Dominic “I.B. Fokuz” Pettis EL Rap
Jean Petit-Homme
Jean Petit-Homme Keys & Drums
Gabriel “Junior” Pierre
Gabriel “Junior” Pierre Bass
Tierney “T.R.U.T.H.” Reed
Tierney “T.R.U.T.H.” Reed Rap
Calli Scofidio
Calli Scofidio Vocals & Keys
Sierra Shaw
Sierra Shaw Rap
Dexter Sims
Dexter Sims Guitar & Bass
Russ Spiegel
Russ Spiegel Guitar
Adam “Eleven” Stein
Adam “Eleven” Stein Guitar & Bass
Dennis Thompson
Dennis Thompson Production
James Valsaint
James Valsaint Guitar & Spoken Word