Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors come from different walks of life and artistic paths, all connected by their love for the arts and a passion to pay it forward.

They are Guitars Over Guns’ heart and soul, implementing and customizing our comprehensive curriculum that uses arts-based mentoring as a powerful intervention tool for young people.

Interested in joining our mentor team? Please contact our leadership below for more information:

Walker Moseley
Regional Director, Miami

Phil Jacobson
Community Partnerships Coordinator, Chicago

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Marve Afo
Marve Afo Production
Joel Aramis
Joel Aramis Bass
Inez Barlatier
Inez Barlatier Guitar & Vocals
Gregory “Q” Barreto
Gregory “Q” Barreto Guitar
Bryce Bottomly
Bryce Bottomly Guitar
Bertrand Boyd
Bertrand Boyd Creative Writing & Poetry
Antonio Correa
Antonio Correa Guitar & Vocals
“Ron Don” Dalrymple
“Ron Don” Dalrymple Drums & Production
Kamel Daniel
Kamel Daniel Vocals
Jonathan “Beigewarrior” de Lavelanet
Jonathan “Beigewarrior” de Lavelanet Production
Brandon Douglas
Brandon Douglas Bass
Alejandro Elizondo
Alejandro Elizondo Guitar & Keys
Juner Etienne
Juner Etienne Keys
Eli Feingold
Eli Feingold Vocals & Keys
Karen Feldner
Karen Feldner Vocals
Michelle Forman
Michelle Forman Founder, Alumni Vocal Ensemble
Justine Garcia
Justine Garcia Vocals
Gene Paul Gayol
Gene Paul Gayol Director, Alumni Band & Camillus House Hope Choir
Sean “Birdman” Gould
Sean “Birdman” Gould Guitar
Jalisa Faye Graham
Jalisa Faye Graham Vocals
Korian Hannah
Korian Hannah Drums
Danny Hayoun
Danny Hayoun Guitar
J Howard
J Howard Production & Drums
Kaley Howard
Kaley Howard Bass, Keys, Vocals & Drums
Chris Hyppolite
Chris Hyppolite Keys
Tim Jago
Tim Jago Guitar
Jefferson Joseph
Jefferson Joseph Guitar
Tif “Boom” Lusan
Tif “Boom” Lusan Rap & Poetry
Brahm Masla
Brahm Masla Drums
Leo “DaVincci” Mayorga
Leo “DaVincci” Mayorga Rap
Diego Melgar
Diego Melgar Guitar
Mike Montero
Mike Montero Guitar, Keys & Percussion
Johann C. Muñoz
Johann C. Muñoz Visual Art
Jean Petit-Homme
Jean Petit-Homme Keys & Drums
Lula Rios
Lula Rios Vocals
Kelly Schenk
Kelly Schenk Vocals
Calli Scofidio
Calli Scofidio Vocals & Keys
Sierra “Lyrical Grenade” Shaw
Sierra “Lyrical Grenade” Shaw Rap
Russ Spiegel
Russ Spiegel Guitar
Corinne Stevie
Corinne Stevie Rap
St. James Valsin
St. James Valsin Guitar & Spoken Word
Camilo Velez
Camilo Velez Production