Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors come from different walks of life and artistic paths, all connected by their love for the arts and a passion to pay it forward.

They are Guitars Over Guns’ heart and soul, implementing and customizing our comprehensive curriculum that uses arts-based mentoring as a powerful intervention tool for young people.

Interested in joining our mentor team? Please contact our leadership below for more information:


Walker Moseley
Regional Director, Miami

Phil Jacobson
Community Partnerships Coordinator, Chicago

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Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson Guitar
Iyana Brown-Bey
Iyana Brown-Bey Vocals
Janelle “Oliv Blu” Butler
Janelle “Oliv Blu” Butler Vocals & Dance
Kenneth Clair
Kenneth Clair Production
Andre “Add-2” Daniels
Andre “Add-2” Daniels Director, Haven Studio
Ifeanyi Elswith
Ifeanyi Elswith Vocals & Songwriting
Zaria “Zeeniith” Evans
Zaria “Zeeniith” Evans Poetry & Creative Writing
Stephanie Fravel
Stephanie Fravel Vocals
Jeremiah “RE@L” Fristoe
Jeremiah “RE@L” Fristoe Rap & Production
Joaquin Garcia
Joaquin Garcia Drums & Keys
Alex “Tobias Black” Glover
Alex “Tobias Black” Glover Rap
David Gueringer
David Gueringer Keys & Production
Derek Henderson
Derek Henderson Drums
Phil Jacobson
Phil Jacobson Guitar
Marwan Kamel
Marwan Kamel Guitar
Kenneth Leftridge Jr.
Kenneth Leftridge Jr. Keys & Production
Josh Levine
Josh Levine Keys
Shasta “Klevah” Matthews
Shasta “Klevah” Matthews Rap
Ryan Mayer
Ryan Mayer Guitar & Drums
Del Marie Nelson
Del Marie Nelson Rap & Creative Writing
Ron Parks
Ron Parks Rap
Tierney “T.R.U.T.H.” Reed
Tierney “T.R.U.T.H.” Reed Rap
Jarmiah “Heart Cry” Scott
Jarmiah “Heart Cry” Scott Poetry
Dexter Sims
Dexter Sims Guitar & Bass
Adam “Eleven” Stein
Adam “Eleven” Stein Guitar & Bass
Dennis Thompson
Dennis Thompson Production