Juner Etienne — Keyboard

Juner Etienne is a 25-year-old sound engineer. His love for music started at a young age at his local church, where he learned to play the piano. From then on, he became invested in all things music, from mixing and mastering to recording and composing.

Juner’s love for music intensified when he started his college career in Miami, at the School of Audio Engineering where he learned to master his skills.

After graduating from college in 2014, he went on to open his own recording studio in partnership with Jean Berrouete. There, he has helped artists with a passion for music to hone their skills. He continued his work in music when he opened a production company, Fast Track Music.

Now a member of the Guitars Over Guns mentorship team, Juner invests in his community to prevent heightened hardship and to create a place where the youngest members of our community can have a voice.