Joaquin Garcia – Drums & Keyboard


Joaquin’s father was a professional drummer in Chicago for over a decade and Jaoquin began playing drums professionally when he was 7. By 9, he had won regional Chicago percussion competitions. Joaquin began formal study of the piano at age 9 and trained as a classical pianist for the next 9 years. After winning a couple piano competitions in 2005 on the city and state level for renditions of Chopin and Lecuona repertoire. Joaquin received a full tuition scholarship to attend Columbia College Chicago as a dual major in composition and performance in classical piano performance. Joaquin began studying the art of Jazz in college and credits that shift to his discovery of Afro-Cuban music a year later as a supplement. Joaquin began performing professionally his junior year of college in Chicago and graduated with honors in 2011. After a year off of academia to acquire more experience and grit, he applied and was accepted with full scholarship to Northwestern University for a Masters in Jazz Studies. Graduating with honors in 2014, Joaquin expanded his professional working base to include New York City and Miami metropolitan areas.

Joaquin is now a national and international touring musician with projects in China, South Korea, Indonesia, and Mexico, and continues to stay active nationally with festivals around the U.S. Joaquin is a masterclass lecturer, recording artist, instructor, music director, and professional pianist in various music scenes with his own debut Jazz album expected to be released in Spring of 2018.