Ella Raphaelle Dufrene — Visual Art

Ella Dufrene believes that art is our most primitive form of communication and that almost everything we know about human history derives from some form of art. She is driven by the instinctual knowledge of the innate healing powers of art and received her Master’s in art therapy from the Pratt Institute in 2015.

While deeply connected to the healing and meditative qualities of art-making, she discovered nature’s similar effects when harmonized with creativity. Ella began exploring eco and environmental art therapy techniques, which led her to facilitate her first retreat in 2016 in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Ella continues to organize and facilitate art therapy and yoga retreats that go by the name of Madre Tierra Retreats.

Currently, Ella is based out of Miami, Florida, where she works as an art therapist in her private practice, Lila Art Therapy Services, LLC. She has experience working with children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, hospice, special needs and developmental delays, drug or alcohol addiction, and eating disorders. Ella works with clients in both individual and group settings, where she emphasizes a holistic path to wellness and utilizes a playful ‘person first’ approach to therapy.

Ella recently joined Guitars Over Guns with the intention to inspire and empower youth in Miami. She met Chad Bernstein in 2011 at a live music venue called PAX, where Chad purchased one of her paintings. She quickly fell in love with the organization’s vision and began donating her art for their fundraising auctions. Ella is now honored to serve as a mentor with the organization. Those who know and work with Ella feel her passion for the healing properties of movement and art. Ella has a zest for life, youthful spirit and contagiously open mind.