Chy Walton – Art Instructor


2016-05-26My mother has influenced my art substantially and life has influenced my vision.  A few years prior to moving to Miami, my creative flow was stagnant, as well as  no desire to pursue my career in art. I never saw myself truly emerged in my passion as I do now. With no formal training I believed I was a mechanic who liked to create abstract art. There was a tragedy that changed the direction of my life. This event influenced me to make my move to Miami and pursue my passion. You live once and if you’re not living and loving it then what are you really doing? It’s easy to get overlooks with so many emerging artists in Wynwood. Each artist has a unique creative edge to them. I try to make my art as memorable as it can be. I achieve that by dedicating each piece every amount of my time possible. Working with colors; bold, muted and /or bright, and incorporating mood indicators through layering, raw material and substances added to different paints to achieve a desired texture or effect. There are no limits for a piece. I treat it as my one and only. I love art and what it wants to convey. I believe a memorable piece, a lot of energy, and moods are attained through my art.