By Helen Braswell Kakouris / GOGOYoPro Co-Chair & Founding Member

Miami has a music scene. Whether its jazz, afro-funk, pop, salsa or EDM, it’s a known fact that many of the greatest have been playing music in our city for decades. However, very few people actually know the music that is so influential in lives of people, bringing communities together. Because of this, the Guitars Over Guns Young Professionals Board (GOGOYoPro), has begun a Living Room Series, once a quarter, where an artist is invited to perform and take part in conversations with the audience. This forum offers an intimate atmosphere where guests feel part of the music, practically reaching out and touching the musicians. How often have you attended an event where you can actually ask the musician a personal question about his/her musical career? It is touching and heart-warming to know the story and hard work behind the music. Truly, it is about the story behind the musician, set to the background of their own tunes. Our kickoff event was hosted by Walt Grace Vintage, a venue in Wynwood, where all guests were instantly awed by their surroundings of classic guitars and cars. Preemo our series sponsor, along with food and beverage sponsors Wynwood Brewing Company, Russian Standard, and Joy Wallace Catering, allowed our guests to comfortably enjoy and focus on the incredible talent of Kevin Mahogany, while appreciating the passion behind the purpose of Guitars Over Guns. Junior, an 11th grade student, alumni and mentor, inspired the group by sharing his personal story on how participating in GOGO’s program has been influencing his life since the 7th grade, helping him make good decisions and stay out of trouble. His introduction of Mr. Mahogany inspired non-member guests to sign up and become a GOGOYoPro member. It is always incredible to see first hand how GOGO is transforming the lives of our community’s most needed youth. We look forward to seeing you at our next Living Room Series event in September. Stay tuned for date, time location and artist announcement!