Here at Guitars Over Guns, music isn’t our only focus. Our arts-based mentorship programs empower youth from vulnerable communities to succeed and thrive not only on stage, but also in the classroom and in their communities. That’s why we’re so grateful to have been awarded a generous contribution of $25,000 from AT&T toward providing academic support, standardized test prep, and college application guidance for our high school students.

The funding aims to support 45-60 at-risk high school students in North Miami and Miami Gardens, primarily of Haitian, African-American, and Hispanic descent, through meaningful mentoring relationships that foster students’ academic, social-emotional, and artistic growth, helping them thrive on a timely path to college.

Aided by this donation, our approach for high school students focuses on relationship-building, academic achievement, and activity involvement that lead to career interest and comprise a strong college application. In addition to test preparation, the funding will help Guitars Over Guns provide college and career advising as students prepare to graduate.

The support is in line with AT&T’s goal of creating connections that drive innovation in education. AT&T is investing in innovative education organizations, tools, and solutions; and employing technology and capabilities that are unique to the company to make a positive impact on education. The company believes that every student deserves opportunities to reach their full potential.

We can’t wait to help our students reach their full potential. Thank you, AT&T, for helping our students build a path toward success!