Alejandro Elizondo — Keyboard

Alejandro Elizondo is a singer-songwriter born and raised in South Florida. A multi-instrumentalist with influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Hank Williams, Alejandro has spent the last few years playing in RnB/funk bands and bluegrass ensembles alike, as well as playing as a sideman over the years with some of Miami’s premiere original bands, including Suenalo, Artofficial, and more.

The opportunity to work with Guitars Over Guns has shone a light on a newfound passion for mentorship and teaching.

“My music education very much shaped who I am today. The three biggest factors were my dedicated teachers, the huge support from my parents (this really is the most important aspect, in my view), and the experience of learning and performing with my friends,” Elizondo says. “Guitars Over Guns has developed a great platform for all of this to come together and provide a truly impactful experience for young students who would otherwise never get such an opportunity. Working for Guitars Over Guns has been just as impactful on me, and I encourage all artists to consider being a part of our organization and become a mentor for the next generation.”