To engage and connect entrepreneurial, philanthropic-minded professionals in support of Guitars Over Guns’ primary mission through volunteering, fundraising, networking, and community engagement. 

Become a GOGO RISE Mentor! 

Formerly GOGO YoPro, “RISE” is set to elevate Guitars Over Guns’ mission of empowering youth by creating a platform to accomplish two primary objectives: 
1. Help Guitars Over Guns develop resources to reach more youth  
2. Connect like-minded Miamians with each other and their community, in pursuit of a more fulfilling life in the Magic City
GOGO RISE believes every student deserves the resources and support necessary to feel confident in pursuing a college education or a career path. Unfortunately, we have found that many of our program graduates do not receive this in their high school careers. The RISE mentorship program aims to provide our Guitars Over Guns middle school graduates with a committed adult, offering guidance and continued mentorship through their high school career, in order to prepare them for college. 

We all love Miami but it can be hard to find like-minded people committed to reinvesting into this amazing city. We also found that many of our friends had similar interests and goals: career success, work-life balance, and opportunities to grow in ways that expand our networks in meaningful ways and give back. – Chad Bernstein

Monthly Membership: $25.00 

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